Yes, all the pictures from every show we attend are available for purchase on our website. If there is a picture from an older show that you don’t see, contact us. View our ‘show photos’ page to see your photos!

Every ring at the show is covered by one of our photographers. No sign ups needed we take pictures of every round, including flats!

Yes! The easiest way is through our ‘show’ page to access all of the photos from the shows we are at.

Depending on the package you choose, we can do light or special editing of your photos. Contact us for more information or visit our ‘products’ page.

If awards are given in the ring, one of our photographers will be there and take pictures of all the winners. If you would like pictures at an awards circle, just come schedule a time with our staff at the trailer.

We will! Contact us to schedule a specialty action shoot and can help you figure out the package that best fits what you are looking for.

Yes, our photographers are often taking candids of riders, trainers, parents, dogs, etc. If you see them, just smile and give us a pose! If you want a mini session with one of our photographers, that can be scheduled with our staff for an extra fee.

  • Horse show photography
  • Senior Portrait
  • Family and special occasion portraits
  • Sports photography
  • Special Events
  • Action horse photo sessions
  • Videography

Typically, photos are ready to be viewed in the trailer 30 minutes to 1 hour after you ride, and 24-48 hours online after the show is done.

If we happen to capture a fall, we hide those photos from public viewing. However, you can still ask the trailer staff if we caught them, and we can show them to you privately.

It depends on the product that you purchased. Web images or full resolution images are a 24 hour turn-around time. Full weekend sets take about 2 weeks. Other products vary on lab/shipping times.

Typically, we stay open 30 minutes to 1 hour after the last ride of the day is completed.

Yes, we offer edits. We can fix ears, remove items, clean up backgrounds, even add people! Every edit is specific to each picture. Please ask our staff for a quote.

The leadline pictures are a separate cost but it is at a discounted rate compared to a day set.

Yes! We can add pictures of dogs, trainers, candids, etc for a small fee to your set. 

Absolutely! If you are showing at a show we will be covering, contact us to figure out what package best fits your needs. We need to know at least 7 days ahead of time to be able to make accommodations to film your event.

Our digital sets are lightly edited for color, light, etc. If you would like a more extensive edit on a picture, there will be an extra charge. The amount of the charge will vary on the edit. Please ask us for a quote.

Left click to follow the link. Please contact us to purchase.